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Seven things that happen when you study English in Dublin.

Dublin, Ireland’s capital and largest city, is one of Europe’s smaller capital cities and is one of the most popular places to study English. Every year, thousands of students come to Dublin to learn English with EC. Dublin is a great place to learn English because it is a friendly city with a lot to offer students. There are many things to do there, and the people are very welcoming. Stunning cathedrals, luring streets, historical museums, and a trending English Language school, Dublin says it all.

Dublin is a great place to study English

Stepdance your way around town

Get yourself step dancing around town, Ireland is the home of this dance so be sure to get yourself to see a performance whilst on your English language study holiday.

Time out at Library of Trinity College

Not to be missed! If you are a bookworm, then head to the Trinity College Library. Walk-in and smell the aroma of 200,000 old papered books – you will find the rarest oldest books here. It is a dream come true for any writer or bookworm.

Talk your way through Irish Gaelic language

Don’t stop at learning English. The Irish don’t only speak English, but they also have their own language – Gaelic.

Grab a seat at one of Ireland’s Rugby games

Rugby is one of the most popular team sports played in Ireland. Take a time out from your English studies and cheer for your favourite Irish rugby team.

Spook or be spooked at the infamously haunted Leap Castle

Jump on a train or bus and head down to Leap Castle in County Offaly, known to be the most notoriously haunted castle of them all. From warring clans to forbidden love affairs, pain and bloodshed, here you will witness it all. They say that spirits still haunt the building…

KilKenny or Guinness

Visit the brewery sites of Kilkenny and Guinness – taste two of Ireland’s most iconic beers. Nitrogenated Irish cream ale brewed to perfection, these beers are not only Ireland’s favourite, but are world-renowned.

EC Dublin students take a walking tour of the city

Catch a traditional Fish n’ Chips meal

Every local knows about Leo Burdocks. Founded in 1913, and still, the most talked about place in town, Leo Burdocks is a Dublin icon for their mouth-watering fish and chips.

Achieve the goal you came to Dublin for

Graduate at EC Dublin. Brush up on your English skills and leave (or not) this country with an English certificate. Mission accomplished!

Dublin is the perfect place for you, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our English Language school in Dublin.

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