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How to choose an English language school

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Choosing an English language school

It can be an overwhelming choice. You may recognise a brand, though many have similar names, you may stumble across a doorway while travelling in a new city, you read a blog post… but when you decide to learn English abroad, how do you choose a language school.

Here are some things to consider.

1. Location.

locations of EC Language schools

This is a major consideration; getting to a school may be problematic depending on where you are from and what visas you require – so check this aspect out first.

Maybe you have always wanted to visit somewhere but are a solo traveller. By choosing to do an English course, you will be with other like-minded people.

EC Language schools have varying age bands including 30+ and 50+ programmes. This means you will be with students around your age, which makes the conversation and the activities aspect more relevant.

2. Activities.

activities at EC language schools

Some English schools offer various activities which can be free or paid for. These are all opportunities to practice your new learnings with students at other levels and various teaching staff.

You may opt to take the walking tours, the food-related events, or perhaps the adrenalin activities suit you best? Swim with sharks, bungee, trek…or for the more relaxed, how about learning to dance or participate in local sports?

3. Facilities.

facilities at English language schools

The school itself should be comfortable, which means if you are heading to a warm location, you’ll want AC.

Read reviews of schools to see how this aspect is rated. A recognised language learning accreditation is a must.

4. Accommodation.

accommodation at EC language centres

Factor in the type of accommodation you want and its location. A good English school abroad will have a portfolio of options with a range of facilities and costs. Would you rather share with other students or live with a local family?

Check how you will get to the school itself and if that is realistic in terms of cost, travel time, complexity, weather conditions, etc.

Remember to also consider the expenses you will have while there too; transport, food, and leisure activities.

What is key is a good all-round reputation. As with all businesses, bad reviews happen, but if these are outweighed by positive ones, and more importantly, the positive ones should be praising the overall experience. Check the school’s site itself, their social media pages – which is where students will have shared their sentiments too – and any accreditations too.

We’re here to answer any queries you may have about any of our English schools, so get in touch!

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