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Why studying English in Boston opens new worlds and horizons 

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EC Boston by John Hancock building

Learn English in Boston and step into American culture and history! Boston is on the East Coast of the US is home several iconic TV shows and movies including Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Good Will Hunting and Mystic River to name a few. It is also where EC has one of its US-based schools. For a more peaceful experience, Boston is a good choice of location. The mix of nationalities in the school is reflected in the large multi-national population in the city; Boston just feels like home. 

EC Boston classroom

EC Boston English language school 

The cultural diversity is also seen in the variety of and arts in the city. World-famous education establishments like Harvard and MIT bring students from everywhere to study here.  

Our high-tech Boston English school is located right in the Bay and offers courses for:

  • General English
  • English for Work 
  • English Academic Year/ Semester 

Our Boston language school classrooms have interactive whiteboards which easily connect to apps, games, computers, and audio-visual sources which also have touch screen functionality. Teachers can send the content of the board to students so any important notes can be referred to on MyEC, after the lesson is completed too. 

Old John Hancock building 

Old John Hancock building

Old John Hancock Building’s Secret Light Codes 

The iconic Old John Hancock building, named after one of the founding fathers of the U.S has an illuminated beacon which changes colour to forecast the weather; this simple rhyme will help you plan your social schedule after classes: 

“Steady blue, clear view. 
Flashing blue, clouds due. 
Steady red, rain ahead. 
Flashing red, snow instead.” 

Boston’s waterways 

When you feel like connecting with nature, Boston’s waterways are an important part of the geography of the city. You can take a cruise, go sailing or even go rowing! The international ‘Head of Charles River’ international regatta is held in October every year. As you can imagine, all American sports are represented in Boston with the baseball team – The Red Sox – being particularly well loved. 

Food lovers 

Food, drink and entertainment are in abundance, and you can head off to one of the city’s many neighbourhoods; so, go to the North End which has a large Italian population, and have a food holiday with a delicious cappuccino, gelato, cannoli and of course, pizza. Or have a taste of Ireland in one of the many, many pubs, with the large population of Americans from Irish descent. For the health conscious, the fresh produce farmer’s market, is held on Tuesdays at The Plaza at Harvard’s Science Centre and on Friday’s and Sundays in Harvard Square. 

Boston restaurants

 So even though relaxed, choosing EC Boston to learn English won’t be at all boring! 

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