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The making of our corporate video

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During the summer, the marketing team at EC races towards a deadline of mid-August to create brochures and price lists detailing the many offerings the centres offer.

Consider we have 22 schools all offering a number of classes, over a number of weeks with a whole host of extra activities and add-ons and you’ll begin to realise it’s not plain sailing.

We get input from each of the schools, in different time zones and all are centrally coordinated by a handful of people in the Malta based HQ.

The deadlines are set to meet the trade shows where all the agents that sell our courses go to hear about updates in language schools – like ALPHE and ICEF. By the middle of August, we need to have created the theme, on and offline materials, print brochures and fliers – oh – and in some years we also create a corporate video that sums up what we are trying to say in less than a minute. And then replicate everything online.

Our current theme, Find Your Voice, was used as the main driver for this year’s video. We are constantly surveying the opinions of students past, present and future, to find out their reasons for learning and for choosing to do so at one of our EC English language centres.

This feedback as well as examples from testimonials was used to create a storyboard, detailing three journeys of three students overcoming certain obstacles.

Scene one is in a classroom where a shy student who is not confident to stand up in front of the class at the beginning – but then rocks it by reciting a poem to her classmates during a lesson. Scene two is a party scene where a young man feels a bit left out but then shows his cohort he has impressive moves and is welcomed and celebrated and the last scene is of a young woman with a secret skill who is shy to perform till she meets a group for a social activity, and they encourage her to lose her inhibitions. All real-life stories and there were many similar scenarios.

EC English Language Schools in action

The filming was done at EC Malta with a call for students to participate, a make up artist that made everyone feel glamourous and a pro film crew guided by our own in-house media producer …..and then there was cake when it was all over!

Now before we take our holidays, it’s time for us to share the video, the brochures, the price lists and more – you can see them via the links or stay in touch to find out what we, and all our schools are up to by following us on our socials. We share some free lessons too!

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