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Opening Doors for Young Achievers in Montreal

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Oh, how I wish this was available when I was a teenager! We offer French courses for teens in Montreal . This special programme for 15–18-year-olds teaches them not only English or French, but also a series of other subjects, encouraging confidence, voicing an opinion and discussion skills. 

These programmes start at one week and can be taken at any time of year. How about sending your teen off for an interesting week during mid-term break, or breaking up the longer school holidays with a longer stay? This is a great programme for pre-exam season, when being immersed in English or French could make all the difference to a grade? Living in the language is way more beneficial than studying for an hour or so a week in a non-English / French speaking country! 

The school itself is located in Downtown Montreal, where there are numerous restaurants, shopping malls, banks, movie theatres, all within walking distance! It is just a 2-minute walk from Guy Concordia metro station too.

In terms of accommodation, teens can stay with one of our welcoming host providers in half-board or full-board homes.  Staying with a Canadian family offers the opportunity to practise English or French / Bilingual with a real local family and experience the culture. Many students choose homestay accommodation because they enjoy the atmosphere, and the feeling of support hosts gives. All homes are regularly inspected and hosts are trained too. Our accommodation staff monitors every homestay experience and is available full-time at the school if you need any help. 

Whilst at the centre, the Young Achievers programme, which starts every Monday, offers 24 Lessons per week Programme which is sectioned in to 20 Lessons of General English or French and 4 Lessons of Special Focus classes, which will include educational outings. These give students chance to mix and make friends with their peers from all over the world. A truly invaluable experience! 

The Young Achievers includes a 4-lesson per week special focus class. Classes may include: 

1. An exam preparation course 

2. An educational outing 

3. An academic writing course 

4. Any other optional project-based lessons which includes Healthcare, Government and politics, Business, IT, Art, Fashion, Environment, Gastronomy, Media, Education, Music or Social Work. 

As an extra, and offered free, students can choose to be guided through lessons which helps them: 

  • Choosing a major 
  • Writing a successful admissions essay 
  • Understand Canadian Pathway School presentations 
  • Master aptitude tests and test taking strategies 
  • Appreciate movies and round-table discussions 
  • Maximise academic lectures 

This initiative is exclusive to EC Montreal and is a new offering. Students who have participated since its launch in 2020 have said: 

“I learned a lot of French and also how to be more independent.  I actually learned more here in 3 weeks than I did all year in my French class in Mexico”.  Alejandro 

“My English lessons were great!  They mainly focused on accurate language and improving fluency.  I will look back with great pride at everything I accomplished and all the wonderful memories I made”.  Carlos 

There are many more testimonials to read if you need more convincing! See what difference this course made to these young achiever’s lives. 

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