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NEW from EC! Learn English with our podcasts

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There are podcasts on every subject and the great thing about the is you can listen while you are on the move – commuting to work, working out at the gym / running or preparing dinner – giving you the chance to be educated or entertained. You can relisten too – unlike a real conversation or class.

By listening, you can hear how words should be pronounced and have the chance to repeat the phrases too. This is a great exercise for listening, emphasis inversion and general pronunciation.

We have launched a series of learn-English podcasts called “Learn English with 5 Minute Phrases,” to help students to learn English, which are designed with a series of phrases for everyday situations. The first series contains 5 episodes of under 5 minutes each. Each episode has 10 phrases. Subscribe to listen to all episodes in order or pick the ones that are most relevant.

Listening to podcasts, radio and music can help you with your English

Series one covers Asking for Directions, Buying Groceries, Buying Tickets, Shopping for Clothes and Visiting a Pharmacy.

Some examples of phrases are:

Do you have this is in my size?

Are you open every day?

How much are these?

Is this Vegan / Vegetarian?

Do you take cards?

I have an allergy

I ran out of my medicines; can you fulfil my prescription?

The “Learn English with 5 Minute Phrases” podcasts are Available in Turkish, German, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Traditional Chinese and Korean, the podcasts are available on all major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and others.

So far, our charts are showing the Spanish speakers as the biggest audience, followed by German, Portuguese, French, Thai and Korean. So, thank you all for downloading!

You can find our podcast amongst the 5 million available and join the 465 million podcast listeners around the world who are learning while they are earning! It is said that 33% of listeners tun in to podcasts while working.

Podcasts are a powerful tool for learning English, offering real-life language use, accents, and context. Regular podcast listening improves listening skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation. With countless options catering to various levels and interests, podcasts provide an engaging and flexible way to enhance your English language proficiency.

A new series will be created and distributed in the Autumn – do let us know if there are particular topics you would like to learn phrases for!

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