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Packing checklist for your English language exchange 

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You’ve been dreaming attending one of our English centres for months – maybe longer – and now you need to put your life in a suitcase and take what you need for the duration of your language exchange experience. What should you take? 

The climate at your destination will be a key factor but do consider that the seasons may change during your course and that evenings and excursions may call for different clothing – so layers are key, as are – dare I say it – sensible shoes. 

Special Equipment 

There will be the opportunity to try new things like sailing, diving, trekking, and activities that are specific to the location; history walks, fishing, rowing, sports etc and so thinking a bit ahead is vital. You should consider the limitations of baggage on the airline and here may be a limit on storage space in the accommodation too. Depending on the length of stay, stick to the minimum – as you are certain to buy things when in your destination too! 


Do you need to take medication with you? Can you get a supply for the duration of your course? Is the medication available and will you be able to access it if you run out? Make sure to have a photo of your prescription and your doctors’ details on your phone. Do share any health issues you have with the school too, so they are aware of you need specialist care. 


Power cables and international adapters are something you should take too; your phone and most probably a laptop will be required to do your assignments and of course stay in touch with family and friends form hone and your new ‘home’. 


It’s also nice to have some mementos from home; sweets or something typical to be able to give to your hosts, teacher, or new friends. These may also help with any bouts of homesickness you may have; being in a new place – no matter how much you have prepared yourself for it, can be hard. Just remember all the other students have been brave like you and talking to them and sharing your feelings is a good thing – you will be able to help someone through the process too. 

There are obligations and restrictions on what funds and in what format you need to survive and enjoy course so do check these out. Bear in mind you may be in shared accommodation – and not just with students from EC, and there may not be a safe available – so limit any risks by being sensible. It is wise to have two cards and carry just one in case of loss, you have another to switch to. 

Favourite brands 

Toiletries and everyday items are available as we have centrally located schools; there is always a supermarket, pharmacy and ATM close by so you don’t need to carry liquids etc that may leak in your case; also, most schools are close to an international community so you may even find your favourite treats and foods are stocked! 

So! Get ready for the study English abroad adventure of a lifetime – make the most of it.  

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