EC 30+ English Programmes. Why?

‘Why EC 30+ English programme?’ we asked our former students. “I want to feel comfortable with people my own age”  – officer worker, Japanese Growing older comes with perks, it comes with more life experience, more laughs and obviously along with that more stress, but growing older also gives us the chance to keep taking […]

Why learning English or any new language is important

Learn a language – why? Learning a new language literally transforms your life; it gives you more knowledge whilst training your brain, it modifies your travels, helps you to create multilingual friendships, and boosts your confidence. The SCIENCE behind learning a new language More knowledge whilst training your brain Let’s base our blog on Learning […]

Great ideas for practising a language

Practice Makes Perfect! This well-known English phrase is widely thought to be the secret of good learning, but is it? Practice is absolutely vital for language learners, but will any practice do? Many language learners spend hours doing grammar exercises, reading grammar explanations, and completing gapfill activities, but does this develop your language skills? Practice […]

What is Teacher Talking Time?

Ask yourself an important question. Why do you want to learn English? Over the years EC English language schools have interviewed thousands of students and usually the answer is that they want to focus on speaking English for university, their careers or just for fun. Is that how you feel? Whatever your reason, how do […]

EC Virtual Voted Best Online English Course

We are delighted to announce that Ryugaku Journal has chosen EC Virtual as their no.1 school in the Japan Best School Awards Special Edition after students rated our online English programme and gave scores based upon lesson quality, speaking opportunities in class, lesson length and level. Founded in 2003 and based in Tokyo, Ryugaku Journal is […]

Time to study English in the USA

Learning English in America Why Choose the US? ✓ Over 146 million people vaccinated and 2.8 million more every day ✓ The new presidency brings a new era of opportunity for international students ✓ American life is reopening and so are our schools. Why Choose EC Schools? ✓ Most EC teachers and EC staff have […]

Learning English – Your Role as a Student

There is a wise proverb in English that goes like this, ‘You get out of life what you put into it’. What this means is that the more effort you put into any activity, the happier you will be doing this and the greater your rewards will be. This sentence also applies to learning, and […]

Fitting Learning English into your Busy Agenda

Before you read any further, may we first congratulate you! If you are reading this, that can only mean one thing – you have already started or are thinking of starting to learn English! You are taking the first exciting steps towards a new life, a new future and a new you so well done! […]

EC English Partners with Air Canada and Introduces Multi-destination Package

EC students now get 15% off their flights to Canada EC English is proud to announce we have partnered with Air Canada to give our students 15% off the cost of their plane tickets when they fly directly to Canada with Air Canada in 2021. We believe this partnership will create a better, cost-effective experience […]

What's it like taking a CELTA programme at EC Toronto?

Did you know that as well as teaching students, we teach teachers too? We offer CELTA courses in Toronto to people interested in having a career in teaching English as a foreign language. CELTA is the most widely recognised TEFL qualification and it enables holders to work as teachers anywhere around the world. So what’s […]