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Local upcoming Events: Jimmy Carr comes to Brighton

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Jimmy Carr is a widely recognised English stand up comedian. He has been delivering and presenting popular stand ups and tv shows. Such as the Channel 4 game show ‘Distraction’ and ‘Your Face or Mine’. Later he presented the ‘100s’ series, including ‘100 Worst Britons’, ‘100 Scary Moments’ etc. In 2004 Jimmy Carr made an appearance in the US on an American version of ‘Distraction’ hosted by comedy central. He was later nominated for a Rose d’Or award for ‘Best Game Show Host’. Carr can regularly be found presenting the panel show 8 out of 10 cats. As well as ‘The Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ every December on Channel 4.

Jimmy Carr performs stand up tours continuously throughout the year. He takes only 5 weeks and is otherwise on tour. This year he can be found delivering his new show in Brighton at the Brighton Dome. His typical style is to push political correctness buttons and take a sarcastic, dark humour approach to many serious subjects. The new show is no different. Titled ‘Terribly Funny’, it will poke at things that are inherently terrible. Things that maybe you or people you have loved have experienced.


If you’re studying at EC Brighton, then you’ll find yourself just a stones throw from this event. It would make a great way to test your English, by hearing some English comedy. As well as a nice way to spend the evening with some friends. The Brighton Dome is a fantastic venue and hosts some incredible acts. Tickets are available online and are expected to sell out. So if you’re interested in seeing some of the greatest English comedy live, make sure to book asap. If you need help with booking your ticket, you can always come to reception where our team can help. Enjoy some of the best events during your time studying with EC Brighton.
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