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Staying Fit and Healthy while Studying at EC Brighton

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Physical activity is a really significant part of being healthy. Being healthy is essential to learning well and making progress with your English language skills. Sports are commonplace all over the world, whether they be team or individual ones. Many people engage in sports for health, fun and engagement with friends. There are many sports activities to engage with in Brighton. We are really spoiled for choice. This means staying healthy while you study English is super easy when studying with EC Brighton. Particularly considering that there are many activities you can take part in, right here in the school.

The Olympic Games took place in London in 2012. On this event the UK came in fourth position in the overall medal rankings. They totaled 65 medals. The Olympics was a really significant contributor to a rise in sports participation in the UK. There are so many different sports in England. Football, rugby and cricket are just some of the longstanding and most popular sports in the UK. Lot’s of sports occur in different variations in different cultures.


Keep Fit


There are many different sports available for you to enjoy at EC Brighton. Every week we take students to play football at the local football grounds. In the summer we also make trips to the volleyball courts down on the seafront. It’s really pleasant to jump around in the sand playing volley ball on a hot summer day in Brighton. We also have yoga here on a regular basis, an excellent practice for developing mind and body strength and focus. There is regular jogging and country walks available. Which is a low intensity way to get about and see the scenery in Brighton. Different levels of activity suit different people, which is why we try to cater to all at EC Brighton. Because being physically active is really important to health and learning.






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