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EC Brighton March Activities Calendar

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Activities and Free Language Workshop Calendar

February marks the end of winter, not long before the beginning of Spring. The days have been getting longer a few weeks and we’re starting to feel it. It’s still cold and the temperature will remain low, but as the sun comes out for longer we get a sense of the warmth that’s returning. With the slightly longer days EC Brighton have a cohort of fun and useful activities. Every student has the opportunity to take up extracurricular activities since many are very reasonably priced and lots are completely free! We make sure all our students have the opportunity to learn English in fun and interesting ways outside of school, while making friends and getting to know the city.

The EC activities calendar aims to provide lots of healthy activities and learning opportunities, sprinkled with a few treats and indulgences. Alongside our routine of yoga classes, football sessions and on the 17th we’ll be going ice skating at the Royal Pavilion! On the 11th we will be having one of our famous doughnut days, when a huge display of delicious doughnuts will be available to our students. We also have our regular rise and shine clubs where students come in earlier to share a yummy breakfast with other students.

At EC Brighton we provide activities which students love and that help to improve English language abilities. No matter what your interests, we’ll do our best to find a fun way for you to meet and interact with people from all over the world. If you have any questions about the activities simply come to reception and ask our staff. Our student services team are always available to support you in your engagements inside and outside the school.

At reception you will find sign up sheets for the upcoming activities. Some activities will incur a cost and some are absolutely free! This means there’ll be a way for you to get involved outside of class in some informal language learning. Some of our activities take place in the school and some take place elsewhere. But no matter where they take place, we make sure you have the necessary information, support and guidance you need to simply enjoy.


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