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Damiano Cornacchia – What do you like about EC Brighton?

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There are countless reasons to enjoy studying at EC Brighton. The location alone is enough to make for a fantastic experience learning English. Afterall, a very important part of the learning experience is where you are and how often you can practice with native English speakers. No matter where you choose to study, if you study with EC you’ll have a great experience learning English. We have incredible well trained staff that are on hand to help you with all aspects of being a student.


Damiano Cornacchia from Italy took an Intensive English course in Brighton. Here is a few words from Damiano about his experience at EC Brighton:

I chose this destination because I don’t like big cities. My favourite class was the speaking intensive course because I met a lot of friends that I will remember forever.

My new friends come from Turkey, Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Libya, Colombia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and more!

Thank you EC!

Damiano Cornacchia

If you’re going to study English with EC, then you’ll be able to get access to the best accomodations available to students. This includes residencies where you will be neighbours with many other students from around the world, or host stays where you will leave with an English family and get to practice English all day. There are lots of activities and perks available to EC students, to make your time with us memorable and full of useful English learning experiences. You can take trips to other parts of the country, enjoy fun sports in the local area or indulge in some weekend treats when it feels right. Whenever you’re facing challenges you can count on EC staff to be there to guide you through it, no matter what aspect of being a student it involves.

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