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I think I owe you some photos…

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Hello all!

I haven’t put any photos up recently so here are a whole bunch for you to have a look at. A big thank you to one of our students for giving me some of her photos from last night to add to the crop.
There are some from around the school, others from around Bristol and plenty from last night!!
We had a really good evening at the Hole in the Wall, we will definately go there again! As you can see there are pictures of lots of Bristolians dressed up in funny costumes.. After a long debate of confusion we asked someone and they told us that there is a GIANT treasure hunt around Bristol and one big company has been split into teams. They all have different dress up themes and scored points if they were told how great they looked.. So here we are meeting and greeting and trying on their costumes! There was a ‘Where’s Wally?’ team, a Pirate team, a Lego team and many more.. Maybe EC will go out and dress up one night – I’m inspired to do something similar one night for the students here. What do you think?

It’s the end of the week now in Bristol and we’ve had a fantastic week. New students, new teachers, new friends! And, obviously, lots of fun!

Do you want to learn English in Bristol? Then EC Bristol is the place for you!! There have been so many people walking in just from hearing about us and asking if they can study here! Their faces are such a picture when they see how amazing it is in here – very impressive!
A big well done to all the team this week – it’s been a busy one!
We’re really eager to welcome the new students next week.. Some students here have already been asking who’s coming!

In other news, the EC Tour of London trip is on full speed ahead! The coach is completely sold out and everyone is excited to go and see what is in store. Sadly, I’m not joining them but one of our wonderful teachers, Claire, is showing them around instead. I’ll ask her to take some pictures for the blog next week..

And finally… This week’s word (or phrase!) of the week is “hoody”!
What is this word I hear you cry? Well, I’ll try to keep it short.. In England we have cardigans, jumpers, jackets etc… and hoodys! (Not pullovers or sweaters though!!) It is when you have a jumper, usually with a zip, that has a hood on it. You know, the bit that goes over your head when it’s raining or you put up if you’re COOL? Right, well, that is called a hoody! For some reason when the students asked me what it was called they were all amazed and found it really funny, so I thought it might be worth putting it on here 🙂

I’m off home now as it’s very late and as I’m sure you are too, I’m very much looking forward to the weekend!
So I’m going to put on my HOODY and get the bus home 🙂

Have a lovely weekend and if you’re in London, watch out for the EC Bristol gang!!

Fay xo

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