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19 days to go……

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‘Until what?’ I hear you ask! Until spooky Halloween!!

I love Halloween! Literally love it. It’s a close runner up to Christmas, I’ve got to tell you! Some people might gasp at that and ask why on earth I would enjoy Halloween so much – it’s because it’s so much fun!!

Most holidays are stressful, expensive, and hard work – but Halloween isn’t!! It’s a time to be young again and dress up in a silly costume to make each other laugh. For one day only you can pretend you’re a child again and lark about without any consequences!

As I’ve been too old to go trick or treating and now that even my little sister is too old for it, I enjoy waiting at home with a big bowl of scary sweets and a silly outfit ready to see who knocks on my door and to secretly judge who’s outfit is the best!

We’re dressing up at EC for sure now! Ana is dressing up as a black cat, I’m coming in as a vampire and who knows what else the others will wear!!

Ana and I can’t dress up too scary as we will be welcoming the new arrivals that morning, so we don’t want to scare them away! That would be bad!!

I have to go now, but I’ll speak soon!!!!

Keep smiling šŸ™‚

Fay xoxo

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