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Spring Fair 2013!

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So it’s “Spring” apparently, although you wouldn’t know it from the weather.

Spring is a time of new life and change, and we at EC Bristol are no different.

Therefore, we are having a Spring Fayre (or festival), to get everyone together, have some fun and raise some money for charity.

Spring Fayres/Fetes are very typical in England, with all sorts of small games and prizes to be won, but the focus is on FUN!

So this Sunday 21st April, we have a school event, with lots of activities and fun to be enjoyed. It will be held at the school, and will start at 11:30. Activites are inside and outside on Queen Square.

Amongst the fun there will be:

  • Cakes made by teachers! (but please bring cakes / sweets if you can cook!)
  • Tug-of-War!
  • FIFA Tournament (on the interactive whiteboards!)
  • The Human Fruit Machine!
  • Throw the Wellington Boot the Furthest!
  • Face Painting!
  • Music from Louis, one of our teachers!
  • Throw water bombs at Kyle, one of our teachers! (who will be tied to a tree)
  • Kick the Football at Teachers bottoms!
  • An Auction of Teacher’s “Services…”
  • and many more

So come along and have a fun day with your friends and also the staff at EC, and let’s try and beat the £314.77 we raised for charity last year! 😀

The money raised will be donated to the charity SHELTER,


Please have a look below at our 2012 Spring Fair pictures:




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