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EC Bristol students creating brilliant holiday leaflets!

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A group of students at EC Bristol had a workshop in class to create holiday leaflets.

Different eye-catching leaflets have been made such as Week of Meditation In Tibet, An Unforgettable Experience with the Wayuu, Farm Watching Holiday and the Wildlife Photography in Africa.

Below is a transcription of each leaflet.


Week of Meditation in Tibet

20 – 27 August 2014

Travel Agency: Bristol Travelling Tour

Bristol Travelling tour offers an unforgettable week of meditation in one of the most important monasteries in Tibet.

Turutaka: located in one of the most remote and unihabited areas of the Tibetan plateau, at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, the monastery of Turutaka is immersed in unspoiled nature.

Programme provided if interested by the travel agency.

The fee is £1500. 10% discount for group of more than 10 people.

photo 2










Guajira: An Unforgettable Experience with the Wanyuu

Rioacha, Capital og La Guajira with temperature between 27 to 30 degrees approx.

The habitants are one of the strongest & oldest native communities in the world: the Wayuu, their houses are elaborated in ‘Yotocoro’ (bark cactus) which contrast of the bright colours of their clothes. To reach them, you have to cross the remote desert and in the vegetation, you can find the rustic buildings.

They welcome you with a glass or totumo of ‘chirrinchi’; it is a drink made of sugar cane brandy (aguardiente).

Depending on your decision, you can stay in a hotel (between $12 to $22), hammock ($6) or chicharro ($8).

Wyuu Cultural Festival

Wayuu have a rich culture that has been passed from generations to generations in form of myths and legends thus preserving their customs and traditions.

The festival is celebrated on 16, 17 and 18th of August.

  • Exhibition of handcrafts

Wayuu tissues are made manually by women, they have patterns of geometric figures. The production of each bag has taken about 20 days.

  • Culinary show

Friche, mazamorra y grilled goat; typical food.

  • Typical instruments contest

Kasha, tarirau, wontuloyaa, turompa.

Flemish Nature Reserve

It is a good idea to know the colourful culture of the Wayuu and enjoy watching pink flamenco, tropical and exotic birds. It is just off the Caribbean coast, in tropical dry forest area, located east of the peninsula of la Guajira.

Makuira Natural Park

The mountains of Makuira, north of Colombia, in the upper part of the penisula of la Guajira.

Activities that you can do:

  • Riding
  • Ethnotourism
  • Mountain biking

If you want to move away from the city and you want to have 10 relaxing days. You have to call! It is not just a journey where you will meet another culture, we guarantee that you are going to find the quietest beach away from everything and the most beautiful scenery, and different & exotic activities you can do.

photo 1










Farm Watching Holiday

Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about how many types of farms exist and how they operate.


It takes place in the countryside of the UK and you get the opportunity to see many beautiful and unspoilt landscapes.


No problem! We’ve got a variety of luxury buses to make you enjoy the whole trip in a comfortable way or you can rent one of our great SUVs for your family and spend great quality time with them as well.

Main Activities

  • Bus tour along the whole countryside.
  • Tours inside the farms of your preference.
  • A visit to the Highlands.
  • And more!


Enjoy our great accommodation plans in a peaceful and quiet remote area sparsely populated and it’s halfway between two heavily forested areas for you to enjoy our great nature.

photo 3











Widlife Photography

Africa – Mgahinga National Park

Come to spend one month taking the most incredible pictures of African wildlife!

The first ten days we make a Savannah Safari in the Mganhiga National Park, in South-West of Uganda. During these days we take pictures of lions, elephants…always with the supervision of a guide and a photography expert. At nights we share the pictures at the same time as enjoying the traditional food and music, ending the night in a luxury hut.

After this time, we take a plane to go to Virunga Volcanic Mountains where we will spend 20 days in the forest interacting and taking pictures of the famous mountain gorillas.

Don’t think more about it and book now!

Limited places.

September – March …… xxxx £*

March – June …… xxxx £

June – September ….. xxxx £


  • 3 flights*
  • luxury accommodation and camo
  • guide
  • photography expert
  • food

*Flights every first saturday of the month.

*Taxes not included.

Extra information:

You should bring your own photography equipment.

You are going to be on the field which means that you should wear confortable clothes.

You are going to go to a country where there are diseases that you should get vaccinated against or received the treatment that a doctor decides.

To book:

Tel.: xxxxxxx


For more information

Web: …

e-mail address:…..@……

photo 4


Now it’s your turn to vote for which holiday you would apply for!


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