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Nicole Ruiz shares her EC Bristol experience!

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Our wonderful Panamanian student Nicole Ruiz, who went from Beginner to Intermediate level during her stay at EC Bristol, would like to share her testimonial.


I came to Bristol, to improve my speaking and listening and I could achieve it thanks to EC School, one of the best English schools in England. You just have to try your best and you learn a million things.
Being in EC was better than I imagined, I never thought I would meet special people and learn so much in just 6 month. Here you will not only learn English, you also learn from other cultures besides teachers introduce in their lessons interesting topics to interact and discuss with classmates from different countries.

With the teachers help, I improved my English in a fun way as EC School has an excellent methodology to teach in a practical, fast and interesting way.
I am infinitely grateful to this great school for all the knowledge I acquired there. Thanks to EC I am now able to write this letter and to speak and listen much better than before.
All your advice to improve my English I will put in practice.

It was a great learning experience, I learnt a lot with each of you. Every course, every classroom, every teacher, every classmate, every gesture, every smile, every laugh…I’ll always remember it, it will always be in my heart.
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