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2013-02-18 11.19.39
AY Notice Board on the 5th floor

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

2013 has seen the Academic Year (AY) Programme kick off with a bang! We have had a good intake of AY students this year, all from diverse backgrounds, but with the same goal. It is very important to us that students registered in this programme network and get to know each other. I, along with our two tutors (Jeffrey & Adele) will try our very best to assist and guide you, the student, during your English-studying journey at EC Cape Town.

There are a number of ways for you to communicate with either myself, Jeffrey or Adele. Please remember that we have an Academic Year Wall which can be found on the 5th floor. Any information that you need to know about upcoming lectures or get-togethers can be found here.

I’m also very excited to present EC Cape Town’s very first AY Blog! This blog will be used as a means of communication via tutors and students. Please visit this regularly to find out what’s happening for the week, like lectures and outings – all exclusive to AY students. I will also be inviting AY students to post some pieces on the blog – so watch this space!

As always, you are welcome to pop into the Academic Office where you can find me (Room 5.9) for any issues you may have.  Alternatively, you are welcome to e-mail me:

Have a great week ahead!

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