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Abdul – Our Boxing Champion!

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by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

Abdul in action!
Abdul in action!

For someone who initially thought that boxing “was a little bit weird”, it may come as a surprise that 22yr old Abdulwahed “Abdul” Abdalah recently won his first boxing match!

The Business Management student from Libya is currently completing his English course at at EC Cape Town. He’s been in Cape Town for almost a year and prides himself on living and enjoying life to the max.

It was during high school that Abdul took a keen interest in the sport and has been training for five years now.

It makes me calm. It’s like a stress relief,” he says.

Abdul joined a local boxing club where the coach is a four-time boxing champion. He is confident that his techniques improved during his 11-month training in Cape Town.

Winning a gold medal out of Libya is an honour for me,” says Abdul and goes on to say that he will continue training when he goes back to Libya.

Abdul wins Gold!
Abdul wins Gold!

Boxing was not a mainstream sport in Libya, forcing those interested in it to train underground. However, after the country’s revolution, there has been a revival and clubs have started to re-emerge. Abdul says that while his family had some (reasonably understandable) reservations about his involvement, they did support him and are very proud of him…as are his friends!

Friends of various nationalities came out to support Abdul at his match and have nothing, but praise and pride for him.

His advice to those who wish to pursue boxing?

Abdul maintains that the sport is “good for the soul, mind and fitness. Not only does it strengthen your heart and broaden your mind, but it keeps you young!”

While Abdul towers over many of his peers (and teachers) he has a very soft nature and actually comes across as being shy!

I have grown very fond of him while he’s been with us and I’m certain that for someone with a bright smile like his, the future can only be just as bright for Abdul…our Boxing Knockout Champion!

Abdul (back) pictured with Yank, Mohamed Abogila & Teacher Sheetal
Abdul (back) pictured with Yank,
Mohamed Abogila & Teacher Sheetal

Abdulwahed is an EC Cape Town Academic Year 20 student

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