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Fun ways to stay warm and snug at EC Cape Town

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Winter has hit its peak here at EC Cape Town, with cold fronts passing through on what seems to be a weekly basis, but fret not, we wont let the cold and wet weather dampen our shine, there are loads of ways to stay warm and fun while studying at EC Cape Town. Below are five simple and fun things to do, all indoors and easy to do!

EC Cape Towns Lounge
EC Cape Towns Lounge
EC Cape Town Library
EC Cape Town Library

1. Indoor Rock Climbing Activity:

EC Cape Town activities accommodates basically everything, especially the weather. It is said that Cape Town experiences all four seasons in one day, we simply cannot risk missing out on some fun because of a few innocent raindrops now can we? Indoor Rock climbing is a fun indoor activity for the adrenaline seeking, non- height fearing, brave students that loves playing hard and reaping the successes of hard work well done, all while having a good time. We have recently added Indoor rock climbing to our activity sheets, because not only is it fun in the winter, but it could be done all year round! If you are an EC student be sure to follow our weekly Whats on guides, to check when the next Indoor rock climbing experience will be taking place.

2. In House Pool Boards:

Love competing and having fun, well this is surely and all-in-one kind of fun! In house at EC Cape Town we have 2 Pool boards, students simply adore these games as it is a good way to make new friends and just have some innocent fun. A simple game to play with loads of laughter and competitive highs, this is one you don’t have to go far for, Play and have fun!

3. Rent a movie:

Our library consists of not only books, we have crossed over the norm and have made movies available to be rented! Come and choose your favorite movie to rent, all that is left is some popcorn, a snug blanket and some hot chocolate, what could possibly go wrong!

4. EC Cape Town Lounge:

Our lounge is warm, comfy and welcoming! A great place to just relax and watch some Television, do some homework or catch up with your friends! There are many students that even play some music and decides to have some fun by dancing and singing along to their favorite hits! So come put your feet up, have a chill-out session for free in our student lounge!

5. Become a Bookworm:

Make your teacher super proud by renting a book and improving your skills. Its simple and we have tons of brilliant books to choose from in our library! With a teacher in the lounge to help you select your book, you simply cannot go wrong! Like the famous saying goes: “a reader is a leader”, be a leader and influence your friends to rent a book and see how your understanding of English grows!



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The Student Lounge

The New School Library

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