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EC students participating in the Rainbow Dreamers Project

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Students  studying at the English Language School in South Africa visit the Kalkfontein volutneer project every week. This project is organized by EC teachers which also give students the opportunity to participate in EC’s English Courses in Cape Town.
Our intern Cossi Nonnonhou joined the project last week and wrote a short article about it.

”Thursday the 16th of November was the first time that my friends and I visited the Kalkfontein Township.
It was a very interesting experience, because the children are poor, we all know that, but they are really rich in their minds and in their hearts.
They don’t really care about who you are or what you have (if you are rich or if your wear good clothes ) they just want to have fun with you,  spend a good afternoon with you and this, this is just amazing. 

They didn’t mind about asking you if they can be in your arms for a hug or if you can just put them high in the air and it was a pleasure for us to do what they want because they are all really cute and kind with the people who aren’t from the Kalkfontein community.

I would highly recommend the join the Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer project. Only if it’s only for one time, it’s definitely worth it!
Thank you for giving me this opportunity!”

Rainbow Dreamers
Cossi during the township visit

The complete photo album can be viewed by clicking here.


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English College students volunteering

EC students volunteering in the Kalkfontein township

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