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Who helped You learn the most this month

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Last month all EC schools started a project where we asked students to vote for the person that helped them learn the most that month. We are happy to announce that Brian Kelly won the first vote at EC language school in Cape Town. Well done Brian, you deserve it! 🙂


Brian with one of his many students at the EC Cape Town graduation ceremony


The project is meant to acknowledge (and reward the staff) who students feel have made the biggest contribution to their learning experience. It will hopefully also encourage students to reflect on their learning and consider those that have contributed to it.


The academic, administrative team at EC Cape Town


The criteria is simple, think about who assisted you the most in your learning. It does not have to be your class teacher. You could also vote for a classmate or friend who helps you with your homework. It could be the administrative team as well as teachers in the free classes or library. As we recognise that learning can take place in all areas of the school – including on activities.


Abdul and some of the students at EC Cape Town


Teacher Mark and EC Cape Town students on a  mountain hike

Teacher Chmoney and EC Cape Town students on a class excursion

The procedure is simple:

  1. Get a voting slip from reception
  2. Fill out the person’s name and your students number (one vote per person)
  3. Drop your voting slip in the box
  4. Every Friday, the person will be announced and given a sweet treat.

So, get voting and show the person who has helped you how much you appreciate them.

Watch this space for this month’s winner!

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