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We are the Champions! – EC Cape Town Football

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EC Cape Town Football
Teacher Mark accompanied EC’s football team to victory.

EC Cape Town – Football

EC English School Cape Town hosts a variety of activities, football being an integral one to most of our students. Different language schools around Cape Town took to the field where there could only be one winner. Fortunately, our football squad had all the determination to bring that trophy home.


We are the champions!

EC Football Team
The team Captains, Ali and Felipe.

By Ali and Felipe

On Friday, 28 June, we went to Fives Futbal in Century City to play a seven-a-side soccer tournament.

It was amazing, there were a lot of teams from other language schools around Cape Town. We were afraid at first because we thought we were not really professional players. However, we noticed something about our team, everyone in the team could play in his own position very well, and also substitutes could play in any position. This was our advantage, we started to trust ourselves more than before.

So, the first step was the group stages, we were lucky because we played against two teams that we could easily beat, and we drew 2-2 against one of the strongest teams, the University of Cape Town (UCT).

The second step was the quarter-final, it was EC Cape Town vs Oxford School Team 2, the game finished in a draw at 1-1. We won the penalty shoot-out 1-0.



EC Football Captain
Felipe Silva, our top goal scorer in the tournament.

How we became the champions

The third step was the semi-final against one of the best teams in the tournament, Oxford School Team 3. It was very competitive and regarded as one of the best matches in the tournament. Both teams were strong on both the attack and defense. Mid-way through the match, our goalkeeper injured his hand and had to receive treatment, luckily, we were able to substitute him during this time. The final score was 4-4, and again we found ourselves in a penalty shoot-out. By this time our goalkeeper had come back and again, we were victorious with a 1-0 win!

EC Football Team
Goalkeeper, Hisham.


Finally, we progressed to the final against the University of Cape Town (UCT). We were excited but also quite nervous. Within the first 5 minutes, we scored a goal! UCT then started to attack more. Despite his injury, our goalkeeper, Hisham Almalawi, saved all the shots on goal. We tried to attack more to save our injured goalkeeper as he couldn’t use his hands as well as he used to. The team played a tough game on the attack until the referee blew the final whistle to end off the game. We were so happy and excited to be the champions of the tournament! It will certainly be an occasion we will never forget. In addition to being champions of the tournament, Felipe was named the best player and the top goal scorer of the tournament.




More than just an English School

When we arrived at EC Cape Town, our purpose was to study English. However, we have gained so much more from this experience. Through this soccer tournament, we have made lifelong friends and have learnt even more about South Africa and its people. We are forever thankful and proud!

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