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EC Los Angeles Student Wins Contest!

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The winner of the EC worldwide “Share Your EC Story” sweepstakes is EC Los Angeles student Marina Renner!

She shared her story about what it is like to study English at EC Los Angeles and won a $50 Amazon gift card.  We are very proud of Marina and want to share her story with you as well:

“EC is one of several schools in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, in which it is possible to learn languages. Most EC schools are modern and have a stylish appearance. They convey very professional from the start . I opted for the EC schools in Los Angeles. On my first day I recieved of a flood of information and I was shocked about the wide range of it . After that, a lot of nice teachers and staff were presented , who we got to know a little bit closer during a lunch with strawberries and coffee. I met many shy Japanese, a few other Swiss people and many other beautiful faces from around the world. At the EC school, you can make friends with more than 300 students from all over the world. For me it is a new, exciting challenge to see other cultures and to learn from other people every day. EC is a school where you don’t only learn English, it is much more special. Nonetheless they offer lessons with exceptional teachers, wich are a great asset to improve ones individual level of English. Everyone is involved and respected in exciting, vibrant activities. The minutes are not spent with boring exercises on stupid topics. No! Current issues such as the Israel – Iran conflict, fashion, movies, actors, music and arts are explained and demonstrated by teachers in different ways. The results are always exciting discussions where you do not even realize how much you are practicing your English. There is also Individual support. EC’s own reward system inspires you when you’re tired and some times a funny joke the teacher tells makes you laugh . EC is a school, in a different way. Vocabulary is learned and repeated every day. And I personally am happy with the location of the school. All around it are many restaurants, shops, bars and of course the sea . In EC school, it is possible to develop. The friendly people help one where they can and take criticism and concerns at any time serious. -Marina Renner, 19, EC student.”

We are so happy to have had Marina as one of our English Learning Students, and look forward to hearing about many more of your EC stories as well!

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