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How about a cultural programme for this weekend?

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The Alarm is about a historical re-enactment in the city of Birgu that pictures the landing of the French troops and the battle that occurred between the two nationalities.


Let’s set the scene …

The French troops, on their way to Egypt came across Malta the 9th of June 1798. The Maltese defence was very weak. During this period, they were only 362 Maltese knights, and among them, 260 French. 2000 more people came to help (they were from the Maltese militia) however, in spite of the fact that the Maltese defence had been reinforced, they were still not strong enough, in comparison with the 15,000 well-trained French that were used to fighting after the French Revolution of 1789.

The fights were sporadic, and because of the lack of support from the Maltese bourgeoisie, the government has been forced to give up their island and the power to the French, on the 12th June 1798.

The re-enactment will take place at St John’s Cavalier in Birgu, the 18th May 2014 at 11 am and will last for about 45 minutes.

The tickets:
For Adults: 7 euros
For Children (from 6 to 12 years old) and Students: 3 euros.

How to get there?
A good option to get in Birguy is by bus. You can take the bus number 02 and 03 from Valetta. It will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the city

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