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Brief descriptions of sessions:

• Meet and Greet: These sessions will involve a series of ice breakers followed by a discussion on specific topics which target, specifically but not exclusively, new students.

• Culture Club: Exploring the traditions, behaviors and beliefs of another culture is one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and important aspects of learning a new language. It is also essential because a language cannot be separated from its culture. These sessions will include listening and reading practice. Cultural integration is vital to help students learn a language.

• Writing Clinic: Practise your writing skills and develop a practical understanding of both formal and informal writing styles. Students work very closely with the teacher at every stage of the writing process and they will be prompted to think actively, to compose new writing, and to discuss their thoughts about the writing tasks.

• Pronunciation Clinic: A general programme has been organised to guide students through various pronunciation areas such as the differences between vowels and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation patterns. Through this ongoing programme students will gain insight into the various sounds of the English language and will have the opportunity to practise these sounds in isolation, in context and most importantly in realistic and everyday situations.

• Café Chat: An informal and informative fun hour of chatting with fellow students and an opportunity to make new friends. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits while being challenged by the teacher overseeing the conversation.

Self-study sessions in library assisted by librarian:

• Listening Lab: Sharpen your listening skills and improve your ability to listen for gist and detail as well as for sequencing ideas. Listening Lab will give you a fresh outlook on the whole listening experience.

• Homework Club: An organized get together with students where you can help each other with homework and practise your English in a group setting.

Check out more information about our Program for Academic English in Malta.

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