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EC is the ideal ESL Malta destination!

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EC is the ideal ESL Malta destination!
EC is the ideal ESL Malta destination!


A general assumption about language is that it is simply a means of communication, but according to Noam Chomsky, the father of linguistics, language is what defines us as human beings. It seems that language is a mode of creating and interpreting thoughts; yes, language is a system of thought not primarily a system of communication. We think in language! Of course it can be used as a means of communication and that is what we are interested in.It seems that these days everyone is working hard to learn English and practise their skills to perfection. But why English?

One word: Opportunity. Learning to think in a global language like English opens doors, boosts careers and can help further education. With English as your second language, you can travel around the world more freely. You can find jobs more easily in your own country, or maybe even go abroad for better opportunities and higher salaries. You can be more independent and you won’t have to ask ‘huh? What did you say?’ so often.

If you are part of a Malta Language school you are part of the whole experience. When you attend a language school in a country where English is spoken as a native language, you experience complete immersion into a language. If you are staying with a host family you have an English-speaking experience before you even get to school; students speak English all day and if you choose to take part in social activities in the evening you can carry on communicating in English, so it’s a continuous learning experience. Students at EC Malta are from different countries and different walks of life. It’s a fantastic opportunity for interaction with countless students from all over the world, which really challenges the individual in learning English while allowing you to make friends internationally. There are courses to suit your needs: some students come for a year, others for a few weeks, depending on what you’re looking for, what you need, and your goals are.

EC is the ideal place to host your ESL Malta experience because your success is our goal. Malta is an island rich in history, art, and culture, with friendly people and an unbeatable climate making it the perfect location for your studies.

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