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soccer, English and French at EC Montreal

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I’m sure most of you would say ” what a title is that? and soccer again, the Euro cup 2012 is over!”. That may all be true ( although for a soccer enthusiast such as myself it isn’t!) but what stays is the memory of the amazing atmosphere in the EC Montreal student lounge.

Our international students were looking forward to the games as they could watch them all together ! ( I suspect that  some of them might have skipped an afternoon class here and there to watch a whole game, or the extra time)- it was that engaging.

It was interesting to see how our lovely bunch of internatonal students took sides  base on their personal preference or sometimes even based on who they were friends with!

Us, the office staff would exult and ask : “what happened? who scored?” every time we heard screaming and noises coming form the lounge.

All to say the month of June was an extraordinary month to be at EC Montreal and we are looking forward to an amazing summer!


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