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EC Montreal Homestay Family Testimonial

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Name: Sylvie Azzuolo

How long have you been hosting students? Since 1997

How did you hear about EC Montreal? My neighbor and friend informed me about being a homestay.

What made you decide to start hosting students? I wanted to travel without leaving the house.  Plus I felt it was a great way for my children to be introduced to different cultures.

What is your favorite aspect of being a homestay host? I am a very social being therefore learning and discovering new and interesting people is a bonus.

Would you recommend others to start hosting, why? I believe that you get out of it what you put into it.   I like to treat people the way I like to be treated!  So if you are open to learning definitely discover the world of homestay.

What are your comments about EC Montreal? I always have their support.  The staff is always professional and dedicated.  They want their students coming from abroad to study English or French to have a good experience, however, they are also very well aware that one of their strengths is their homestay’s and they very much appreciate it.


I can honestly say that there are too many to remember however, the ones that I hold dear in my heart are the departures.  The tear of gratitude for having spent a great stay at someone’s house and not wanting to leave because they love it. Also playing social games, Frustration/Skipbo/Uno, are all great ways to break the ice and students want to play again and again!  And finally I think, all in all, student faces of amazement when they notice all the multitude of ethnicities that live together and get along!

Sylvie has been an excellent role model for many of our homestay’s and for this reason we invite her to be our guest speaker at our homestay workshops. Thank you Sylvie for all the years of support, may you have many, many more. 

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