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EC Montreal's Amazing Team Activity!

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cirque du soleil

Last night, EC Montreal held its second team activity of the year!  The first was a sushi making activity followed by an all you can eat sushi event!  This time, we treated our staff to a Cirque du Soleil show at the Old Port!  The purpose of these events is to show our appreciation to our team for all the work that they do and to build friendships among the staff.  Our philosophy at EC is that our work colleagues are also our friends.  Enjoying each other’s company outside the work environment helps in creating a solid team!

sushi 2

We began the activity by serving some refreshments at the school.  We served sparkling wine, cheese platters and other tasty appetizers.  Our Centre Director, Elisa, who organized the entire event for us showed us presentations from Malta, by the Executive Chairman, Andrew Mangion and our CEO, Mike Xuereb.  She wanted to inspire the team with their very powerful words about EC’s vision and future!


She then congratulated everyone on our recent student evaluations!  EC Montreal is number 1 in North America and number 2 over all EC centres!  Everybody cheered!


We mingled and enjoyed each other’s company before we head out to see the show!  We all took the metro together and made our way into the big Cirque du Soleil tent!

We found our seats and waited with great anticipation for the show to start!  It was magical!  Kurios is one of the best Cirque du Soleil performances!  The performers were out of this world!

ec team photo

We are very proud as Cirque du Soleil originated in Montreal!   Imagine, a street performer, by the name of Guy Laliberte, struggling to make a living, began what is now worth billions of dollars and is known all around the world…and beyond!  Guy is the first clown to make it to space!  It just goes to show that anything is possible!  Success is attainable!

A powerful message to send the EC Montreal team!

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