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EC Montreal's Welcome Karaoke Activity!

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Every Tuesday, EC Montreal welcomes its new students with a welcome party.   It is a perfect opportunity for our new students to meet our current students and it gives our students a chance to welcome the new students to EC!

Our student ambassadors play a really important role in helping the new students make friends and adjust to their new environment.  Our activity leaders, Lina, Gonzalo and Nathalie, also make sure to really promote our social events to help get our students out and about and interacting with one another.  It is so important to create this sense of an EC community and to ensure our students have a memorable EC experience!

Our welcome parties include Karaoke nights, bowling, poutine dinners and pub nights, however, Karaoke is by far the most popular!  Students love to hit the stage and sing their favorite songs with their friends!  We always encourage our students to sing like nobody’s listening!  It’s the only way to do it!

It is always so nice to see the new students participating and starting their language adventure on such a positive note!

We look forward to the Taste of Poutine activity next Tuesday!

Welcome, once again, to our new students from all over the world!

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