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What's Happening at EC Montreal in October!

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The month of October is right around the corner and at EC Montreal, we have so much to look forward to!  It is one of the most eventful months with all our Halloween preparation, Oktoberfest, fall colours and the long Thanksgiving weekend!

We are delighted to present the new October activities calendar to all our students and future students!  The weekly complimentary activities will include an Oktoberfest celebration.  It has become a very common practice in North America to celebrate this event!  We can’t wait to share it with all our EC Montreal students!  We will serve German beer, sausages and pretzels.  We have also ordered some special Oktoberfest decorations to really make the event as festive as possible!

The following week, we will offer our students a special tea and conversation activity.  We will serve a variety of herbal teas and delicious snacks.  We will give our students an opportunity to interact with one another to practice their speaking skills.  The EC team will be present to kick off the conversation topics!

Fall pancakes will be on the menu on October 16!  We will serve our students pumpkin spice pancakes and delicious Canadian maple syrup!  As the weather gets colder we crave comfort food and nothing is more comforting and soothing as hot cakes on a cold fall morning!

As we get ready for Halloween festivities, we will have many activities in preparation like Halloween cupcake decorating.  We will provide our students with naked cupcakes and a variety of Halloween themed toppings.  We can’t wait to see who can prepare the most creative and spooky cakes!

The last week of October, we will host a Halloween party and fashion show in the student lounge!  We will encourage all our students to dress up in costumes and will hold a competition for the best costumes.  We will serve refreshments and play music.  We can’t wait to see what our students come up with!  We will also hold our annual classroom competition.  The class that have the most students dressed up on costume will receive a pizza lunch prize!

The welcome activities will include happy hour events, a karaoke night, bowling and a chocolate café outing.  The Thursday cultural activities will include a hike up Mount-Royal, a French cinema outing, the Chinese lantern festival and Halloween shopping!

The weekend excursions with Iko Tours will include a trip to Mont-Tremblant, an excursion to New York City during the long, Thanksgiving weekend, a day trip to Quebec City and a 2-day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

What a festive Haunted Oktoberfest we have to look forward to at EC Montreal!

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