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Last week, we kicked off our Student Ambassador Program at EC New York. Student Ambassadors are students selected by teachers and staff members for their exemplary leadership, reliability, and team spirit. Many of these students are regularly nominated for Student of the Week at ECNY.  Students are nominated for Student of the Week when they have a high attendance rate, eagerly participate in class, and help other students when needed.

As Ambassadors, students are expected to continue to contribute to the international team spirit, write blog posts, plan and lead activities, assist students from their countries, and help staff during school events. Sometimes new students come to EC and because they aren’t used to talking to native English speakers, they might be scared to talk directly to staff when they have questions.  Student Ambassadors can answer the new students’ questions and help them feel more comfortable when adjusting to their new environment.

EC New York English Students

In exchange for their help, Student Ambassadors get access to free activities, experience working in English, published English writing, and a signed letter of recommendation from the Center Director to be used for school or job applications. Student Ambassadors receive extra opportunities to improve their English because they talk to native speakers (staff and teachers) and meet new students on orientation day. The recommendation letters they earn show potential employers and university admissions officers that they are willing to go above and beyond and they have the enthusiasm to help others.

Our new Student Ambassadors are Momo Kirimichi from Japan, Steve Stoppa from Switzerland, Selim Mizouni from France, Laura Valentina Guacaneme Gallo from Colombia, and Minjung Ko from Korea. During our first meeting, we talked about next month’s activity calendar and started planning some school events.

If you’re a current student and would like to become a Student Ambassador, please see Emily at the front desk. It’s a great way to enrich your experience with English courses New York!

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