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ESL Students Get Inspired With ECSD's AY Lecture Series!

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Author Nazli Ghassemi speaks to ECSD students and staff (7/17/2013)
Author Nazli Ghassemi speaks to ECSD students and staff (7/17/2013)

Enrolling in EC San Diego’s Academic Year Program is one the best ways ESL students can learn and improve their English language skills. ECSD provides all students with English classes, tutoring, and after-school activities, as well as daily free self-guided study. Students who wish to maximize their learning experience at ECSD often decide to register for the Academic Semester or Year (AY) Program.

A unique feature of ECSD’s Academic Year Program is the AY Lecture Series, an on-campus event sponsored by EC San Diego staff and teachers. AY lectures occur 2 to 3 times a month, and bring lecturers from all over the USA to ECSD’s La Jolla campus. Each lecture provides students in the AY program an opportunity to improve English listening skills and learn about unique careers, activities, skills, and current events.

The AY Series holds several lectures in the same day according to English class levels. Lectures are tailored not only to challenge students but also to inspire real interest in each lecture topic.

Here are just a few of EC San Diego’s most recent AY lecturers and their topics:

Why are these lectures important for AY students? Because they give students the chance to hone their English listening skills with real people speaking about real topics. Most English classes rely solely on pre-recorded CDs and tapes as an English listening tool; instead, the ECSD AY Lecture Series’ main objective is to improve students’ listening skills with presentations by educated, English-speaking lecturers discussing interesting topics. During presentations, ECSD students practice listening skills and are encouraged to take notes, reinforcing English words and phrases spoken by the presenter.

EC San Diego’s ESL programs are designed to challenge and develop students’ English language skills using every resource available. That’s why students choose ECSD!!


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