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It's Officially (US) Football Season!

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(Left) Teacher Wes giving his AY Presentation, (right) Wes takes an American Football player photo!

Last week EC San Diego Teacher Wes gave a presentation about the game of American Football to our Academic Year students!

In the US, football is not only a sport but also a tradition. Teacher Wes’ presentation focused on how “football” is common throughout the US, and for all age groups. There are teams for young children all the way to the NFL. It is played at every school, every college, and every university.

A large part of our students’ full immersion US English program in the US is to learn about these types of tradition, and also to become part of them!

So – not really certain how the game of “American Football” works? Then read the following introduction to the game, courtesy of Teacher Wes!


  • 11 players from each team play at one time
  • The offense has 4 downs (plays) to move the ball forward 10 yards
  • The team must throw or run the ball from the ball from the line of scrimmage
  • The line of scrimmage extends the width of the field from the location the ball is placed
  • The defense can not go past the line of scrimmage until the offense begins the play
  • At each end, there is an ‘End Zone’ and Field Goal Post – this is where you score points


  • A touchdown is worth 6 points
  • After a touchdown, the team can either kick a very short field goal worth 1 point or try and score again from 2 yards away for 2 points
  • A field goal is worth 3 points regardless of the distance

Ready to watch a Football game!?


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