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Surfing in San Diego!

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Surfing in San Diego!San Diego is home to some world class surf breaks like Blacks Beach, Sunset Cliffs, and Trestles. With just a bus ride and short hike away, Blacks Beach is right in EC San Diego’s backyard! The large underwater canyon of its coast brings in some huge and heavy waves, which makes this spot the biggest in San Diego County. It is known for late drops and big outside sets, so you must be an advanced surfer to paddle out here. If that’s not you, Blacks is also a great destination to visit for a hike down the cliffs and a great day hanging out on this private beach.

Sunset Cliffs is south of La Jolla in Ocean Beach, and it is known for its difficult paddle out as this spot is a rocky reef break. Trestles, on the other hand, is home to the annual Hurley Pro and is located at the most northern tip of San Diego County. This rocky beach break is considered by some as the most consistently shreddable wave in the world, and as a result it is always packed full of eager surfers. Join us for our first SURF CLUB session on Friday, September 11 at 8am!

Are you a new surfer?  Don’t worry! Take a lesson with San Diego Surf School!




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