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It’s the day before you leave your home country to explore the beaches of California, and learn English in San Diego at a new school.

It’s a long journey, a leap of faith and you have no idea what to expect on your first day at EC San Diego.

The nerves are to be expected and they are a strange combination of excitement, fear and anticipation all wrapped into one.

These are emotions many EC students know firsthand, including our amazingly, awesome Student Ambassadors!

Student Ambassadors are students, who have been at EC San Diego for at least two months, or more, and are knowledgeable of San Diego culture and are very outgoing and friendly.

They are the students you want to make friends with to show you around and answer many of the questions that you may be afraid to ask.

However, don’t ever hesitate to ask an EC staff member, such as one of the Stent Services Coordinators, your Teachers, Center, or Academic Director. They are always happy to help in whichever way they can.

The Student Ambassador, on the other hand, can provide a certain kind of insight, since they were once sitting in your exact same seat on their first day of class.

They are well acclimated students and can help get you involved in the EC Experience and the San Diego lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to a few student Ambassadors a few weeks ago, so we had to recruit more big personalities that we knew could take on the task at hand!

Each student represents their home country and helps the EC team on our first day of school by joining new students on a walking tour of San Diego and provide translation when needed!

As of right now, our Student Ambassadors are from the following countries: Korea, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Japan.

Our Student Ambassadors vary in age and background and are very nice and approachable, so don’t hesitate to make friends with them!

Student Ambassadors having some fun at school.
Student Ambassadors having some fun at school.


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