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International Food Party

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Interested in sharing your culture’s cuisine with other international students?  At EC San Francisco, our students often cook together to learn about various types of food that they don’t see every day in their country.  Sharing a meal while practicing English is a great way to connect with other ECers.  One of our newest student ambassadors, Yunhee Ahn, recently participated in an “international food party” with her friends.  Read more about it here!  And get inspired to hold your own food party!

Many people expect to learn English and American culture when they study abroad in the U.S. If you study abroad at language school in the U.S., you can learn not only American culture, but also cultures from other countries. Recently, my friends in EC San Francisco and I had the international food parties. Students from Korea, Japan and Taiwan gathered together and took turns to cook their national foods to each other. Few days ago, our school students from Taiwan held the third international food party. They prepared Hot pot for us.

Hot pot is a meal originated from Mongolia. It became popular among East Asian countries, and it has changed into their own national style. Hot pot is cooked in a simmering metal pot on the dining table, so it is good to enjoy together while cooking and eating. Cooking method is easy and simple. We just have to put some ingredients such as thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, and dumplings into the simmering hot pot. When the ingredients are well-cooked, scoop up them into our own plate and then enjoy eating it!

The international food party with EC San Francisco school students was very interesting and exciting experience. Although we were not cooking experts, it was good opportunity for us to try other countries foods. We also had chance to talk about our dining culture and learned some dinning expressions in different languages. I had fun with my friends, and this party will be one of the unforgettable experiences in San Francisco.


International Food Party

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