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How to meet Americans in San Francisco- Tips by Student Ambassador Misa Komine

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How to Meet Native English Speakers

Hi everyone! This is Misa, one of your classmates and Student Ambassadors at EC San Francisco. I’ve been staying in San Francisco for 7 months now. I want to ask you some questions. Are you really satisfied with your ordinary life? Does anybody look for beginning something new? One of the things I’m really enjoying lately is talking with native English speakers. Normally, there are hardly any chances to meet people who can speak English very well and have a conversation with you as a friend. However, it is a great chance for you to improve your English skills. I want to talk about my story of how I met a native English speaker, Matt, and introduce his “meet-up” group, SF Babel.


At the beginning of June this year, I met Matt on a muni bus as I was going over my notes.  I had a presentation the next day so I was trying to memorize the sentences. Suddenly, someone behind me asked me “Are you Japanese?” in Japanese.  I was startled and turned around. There was a person whose appearance was totally American. I thought “Oh, I might have misheard,” but he asked me again if I was Japanese or not. I was very surprised and answered “Yes”. Then we started chatting.  We talked a lot and he taught me various English words and phrases. Then he invited me to join a meet-up group. He said he was one of the organizers of SF Babel language exchange meet-up group. Then I joined the “Babel” group and I have since met many people.


Meet-up is one of the world’s largest local networking groups. There are a very large number of groups. Not only groups that aim at language exchange but also there are groups that have different aims such as exercise, food, science, beauty, and so on. You can join whichever you want. I think that this is going to be a great opportunity for you to meet new people and share different cultures using real English. Also, some members will want to learn your language so you can be a teacher to them!! You can broaden your horizons and gain many great life experiences. Since I joined the SF Babel meet-up group, I have made a lot of friends and I have been learning a lot of things them. My way of thinking has been changing in a good way. I really like it!!


Some people might think it’s scary to meet strangers, but I want to say “Don’t worry”. They are so friendly and kind because they have the same aims as you!! So I whole-heartedly recommend you to join meet-up. I will help you to find the best meet-up for you!! Let’s join meet-up and have a wonderful time!! Thanks for reading!



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