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Our weekend trip to Los Angeles by Sandra Taschke

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We booked our weekend trip to Los Angeles trough Expidition America – a company which does tours & excursions for international students, groups and travelers in the U.S.

On Friday morning we went to a meeting point where a bus had picked us up to get to L.A. Our first stop after the long ride was the Santa Monica Pier – it was really beautiful! We could watch the sunset while enjoying dinner at one of the food stands. There were also many wheel and roller coasters you could ride. After spending there two hours, the bus had taken us to our motel for check-in. Afterwards we went to the Walk of Fame – which was only 5 minutes away from our motel by foot. It was night time as we got there, so it looked really cool. After seeing the stars of the Walk of Fame, me and my friends went to a bar at this street.

The next morning the bus had picked us up and drove us to the Griffith Observatory – where you can get a great view all over L.A. You can even see the Hollywood sign, even though it’s looks small from there. Inside the building of the observatory there are many space and science related displays for people who are interested in these kinds of things. After this, we went to Farmers Market. There were many food stalls and restaurants, where we could have lunch at. Me and my friends went to a restaurant there and had a very huge, shared mac and cheese bowl. Right after lunching we went to Venice Beach. We were walking at the Boardwalk where you could buy souvenirs and food and enjoy the view. And our last stop for that day was  Rodeo drive – the most expensive street in the world. Even though we couldn’t afford anything from these shops, it was nice to walk down the street because it looked very pretty!

At the last morning, our last stop of this weekend trip was an Outlet store. As well as affordable shops, there were also many well-known brands, which provide sometimes cheap offers. After that, the bus took us directly back to San Francisco.

I really liked this weekend in L.A. I think the best stop was the Santa Monica Pier. But I also liked Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Boulevard. Generally, I think it’s good and very helpful to book a trip trough Expidition America, because you don’t have to worry about transfer, and they show you the best attractions.”

Thank you!
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