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We hope that you had a great Halloween! Our Halloween was the BEST! We decorated our school with spider webs and zombie hands reaching out to get you! We had a giant spider hanging around the EC sign. The orange carpet fit in the middle of school. Our skull greeted students on the front desk. A giant cat bowl had all kinds of candy and sweets for trick or treats. At out student lounge, we had a skeleton playing our guitars at night. It gets lonely you know!

However, the best part of Halloween was dressing up and costume bragging! Students dressed up and wore make up in scary, sexy and original costumes. Our teachers ganged up to dress like Bruce, the Grinch of Halloween, who came dressed as himself! It was hilarious! Our center director Ryan wore a head of a black goat. Amanda came out of a black and white movie. She made an awesome contrast with all the color costumes we had. And our lovely sweet Anna came a bunny!

We had a Halloween costume contest and 3 students won our prizes. Then, we also had a toilet paper wrap mummy contest costumes and wrapped him / her with paper towel until they couldn’t see their way down the orange carpet. EC is asking our students to send us all the photos they took that day! Our promise is to add more awesome and interesting costumes! Also, you can check out Instagram page for more EC costumes! They’re hilarious, sexy and some are really funny!


We ended our Halloween night with a scary movie. Our students voted to watch Ghost Busters. Therefor, we gathered in the Students’ lounge shared some popcorn and Halloween candy, drank some soda and Apple Cider. And we called it a day at around 5:30 PM


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