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Baseball! Toronto Blue Jays

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It has been sunny and warm recently, which is enough to bring out a slight sweat. Now that baseball games started, we should watch them at least once in your stay in Toronto.

Toronto Blue Jays is only one professional baseball team in Canada, published in 1977, which is newer team compared to US teams. Jays is a member of the East division of Major League Baseball(MLB), are composed of famous teams like Red sox and Yankees. Jays are neither good nor bad in this season so far. There have been 8 games in this spring, 5 wins- 4 loses. They can be better than that, although, regardless the score, we can surely enjoy their games with beer and a hot dog in Roger Centre!

First of all, put a blue uniform or hat on. Apparel makes the man, uniform makes a fan. It must make you much more excited.


How cool they are, the second one from the left is a home uniform and the coolest one.

You can buy tickets online, and their prices are not so expensive, about $20-$100. Some say even #500 seats(the farthest area) have a good view so if you are a big fan of any players, nearer seat is better. Or if you want to drink while watching the game, wherever you are would be the best. One thing is that the stadium’s roof opens when it’s not rainy, so be careful about your seat if you are the person hates sunburning.

Here is a latest game schedule.

4/16,             vs Tempa Bay Rays

4/17,18,19    vs Atlanta Braves

4/21,22,23    vs Baltimore Orioles

4/24,25,26    vs (at) Tempa Bay Rays

4/27,28,29    vs (at) Boston Red Sox

4/30,             vs (at) Cleveland Indians

Before game starts, it would be also fun to look around in the stadium. There are a stadium tour not only the ground floor, but also other floors and a special suite room you can see. This tour is held three times every day, so check here.

TNT tour in EC also offers you baseball game tickets, so you can check them out!

See more detail about EC and learning English in Toronto.

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