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Study Tips and Study Habits

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English Study Tips and Study Habits


If you’re studying English at EC, you might benefit from a few of these study tips. Check out our list of  Study Habits to make the most of your time here at EC.

Alternate Study Spaces

Cognitive scientists suggest that alternating study spaces helps you retain information. Your memory is influenced by location, and changing your study locales increases the chance that you’ll remember what you’ve learned.

Study in Groups

When learning a new language, practice speaking and using the language is essential. Getting together with other students and working together in a group is a great way to improve your English.

Make Flash Cards

Flash Cards are great for studying grammar and vocabulary. Making and using flash cards will help you remember the information you’re studying.

Take Tests

Although you might hate taking tests, formal evaluations not only affirm knowledge but enhance it. Regular testing can help us retain and recall information.


A tired mind is a slow mind, so make sure you’re getting enough rest each night.

Go to Class

The best way to improve your English is to attend and participate in your classes. Show up on time and work hard!

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