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How EC Vancouver Students Can Save Money and Enjoy Great Food!

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Sushi is a well-known Japanese food popular here in Vancouver. There are many different types of sushi, but they have one thing in common the external rice. The other indigents are most commonly raw fish but there are a lot of vegetarian variants as well such as the avocado roll, vegetable roll and kappa roll. In Canada, and especially Vancouver, Sushi is quite cheap and considered to be very good. For example, a whole meal for one person shouldn’t cost more than $10-$15. If you order a Sushi combo your meal will start with a traditional Japanese soup known as miso soup. According to our Academic Assistant Mina (nationality: Japanese) the sushi is both better in quality and more affordable than the sushi in Japan.

Popular downtown streets such as Granville street, Davie street and Seymour street all have excellent options for Sushi restaurants.

Sushi is an excellent option for students here at EC Vancouver looking to save a few dollars while experiencing great cuisine.

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