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Juan Reflects on His Time at EC Vancouver English School

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by Juan de la Peña Rubio

When I arrived in Vancouver I didn’t have any idea of what my new adventure would be like, I was excited but in the same time I was also afraid. My first day at EC Vancouver I was quite nervous, as though I was the new guy in high school, but I was wrong, the environment of the school was so friendly that I felt quite comfortable at EC within my first week.

Switzerland, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Korea, Japan, etc, many students from many country’s but everyone with the same goals, learn English and make as many friends as you can. Everyone generally had the same mood and would say to you “Hi how are you “

The EC Vancouver staff was also so friendly, managers, front desk, teachers, even the location was perfect to get into Vancity (what the locals call Vancouver). Me and a few others from the school went on the Rocky Mountains tour. We became really good friends during this trip which was great. We then spent a lot of time outside of EC hanging out, going to Malones, and getting to know the city better.

Thank you EC Vancouver for helping me learn English in 3 months in such an unbelievable way, now I can come back to Mexico really grateful and excited to new challenges, I won’t forget this experience and neither my friends, whom I’m hoping to see sometime in the near future.


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