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Learning English through Songs

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Do you enjoy listening to music? Make learning English fun by listening to music and singing out loud. There are many benefits of using songs to learn English: it is a great way to expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation, and it will make a huge difference in the learning process. Here are just a few reasons why you should use songs to learn English:

  1. Pronunciation. Singing along helps you to pronounce the correctly and link those words together.
  2. Vocabulary. Songs have a lot of vocabulary, and the best part is that the words used are often very useful. Songs typically don’t have complicated words used in high-level academic English. Instead, they have words used in the everyday language, like slang and idioms used by native speakers.
  3. Grammar. It’s true that some songs don’t always have the perfect grammar, but they can still help you get familiar with general grammatical patterns.
  4. Culture. Music is culture, it teaches you about behaviours, and if you’re familiar with popular songs and artists, you have something to talk about.
  5. It’s fun! It improves your mood; you can enjoy yourself by singing, without being afraid of making mistakes. And besides, it’s easy to listen to songs. You can do it on your way to school, in the shower, in your room – almost anywhere!

While music is a great help, the best way to learn is often through a fun and interesting class. Visit EC and find out how you  can learn English in Vancouver.

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