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Work and Study in Vancouver: Become a Web Developer in 12 Weeks

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Become a Web Developer in 12 Weeks!

It’s a techie’s world and we just live in it! The IT sector in Canada has once again been named as the fastest growing industry in the country, even beating out America’s famous Silicon Valley in terms of rapid expansion. Needless to say, this is excellent news for tech professionals as well as prospective students looking to enter the field; coders and developers are flocking to cities such as Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto where jobs in clean technology, computing and AI are plentiful.

If you’re a budding IT student who is looking for ways to improve your English, study abroad and get into the university of your dreams, EC’s Canadian University Pathway Programme may just be the answer you’re looking for. Read on to see how studying at EC Vancouver can shape your future and build a bridge to your success!


Calling all web developers!

Although data analysts, software engineers and network administrators are all highly sought-after, there’s one role that continues to be ahead of the pack in Canada: web developers. Consequently, Canadian employers within the IT industry are keeping a sharp eye out for web developers and programmers with a varied range of front- and back-end skills.

Canadian salaries for IT professionals are very competitive, with earnings starting from 55,000 CAD. What is more, this income allows most graduates to pay off their tuition within one working year.

The Canadian government is also supporting the demand for potential tech immigrants in British Columbia by extending the Provincial Immigration Program (PNP) until June 2020.

Work and study!

How can EC Vancouver help?

Are you interested in gaining a Canadian diploma and work experience in Canada? EC is proud to be partnered with RED Academy, one of the best private colleges in Vancouver that offers short-term web development programs. RED is aimed at preparing young developers, creators and designers for an industry that is constantly changing, by providing the necessary skills for the digital economy and giving them the means to drive social change through their chosen profession.

RED offers a 12-week, full-time immersive diploma course designed for beginners, which teaches students the skills needed to succeed in a career as an industry-ready junior front-end web developer. These skills include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and WordPress. Students will also get the opportunity to build up their portfolios with a series of their individual projects throughout the program, and team up to work on a real-world project for a RED community partner.

Study in Vancouver and unleash your opportunities!

Live, study and work in Canada

Students who would like to continue living and working in Canada after successfully completing the course have the option of Work and Study programs which run up to 1 or 2 years. Applicants can choose between 6 months studying and 6 months of full-time work in Vancouver, or 1 year of studying and 1 year of full-time work. Those who choose the latter option with RED Academy can expect a fee of 22,000 CAD. Students can also work part-time during their studies to cover their living fees, after which they can work full-time while potentially earning a 55,000 salary to pay back any expenses; colleges are also willing to support students in their job-seeking efforts.


Become a web developer in no time!

Entry requirements through EC’s University Pathways program – no TOEFL or IELTS needed!

Students who complete an Upper-Intermediate or Pre-Advanced level of English with EC are granted full acceptance to web development programs at RED Academy (along with programs at our other partner schools, such as VanArts or Vancouver Film School).


What can students at EC expect?

The University Pathway Program at EC Vancouver is aimed at students who dream of studying at a Canadian university but lack the level of English that they need. Throughout the course, students will not only improve their English, but also learn useful academic skills that they will need in the classroom, such as giving presentations, writing essays and self-study methods. The program is taught by highly trained, professional teachers, and is supported by a dedicated, experienced team that has helped numerous students over the years get into the university of their choice.

Beautiful, friendly and set against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver has in the past been dubbed “the Los Angeles of Canada”. It offers culture, entertainment and outdoor adventure, not to mention plenty of shopping opportunities! And best of all, students will get the full language-immersion experience by continuing to soak up the language outside the classroom, giving them the chance to practise any new grammar, vocabulary or idioms in real-life contexts.


Let EC be the CSS to your HTML!

If you’re looking for some of the best English courses Vancouver has to offer, get in touch with us today. Here at EC we’re committed to helping our students achieve the skills and qualifications they need to open the doors to a new future!

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